How to Refinish a Side Table

Remove the Existing End up

First points initially. You should get your table down to simply timber. To do this you are mosting likely to should remove off the old surface. This suggests that you have to take a trip to the equipment store and also purchase painting thinner to get rid of the existing coating from the table.

Check For Repair services That Should Be Done

As soon as you have actually eliminated all of the present finish on the table, you should take a close take a look at your side table as well as see if there has been any kind of real issue over your time of using it. Check every single joint to see if any of the equipment has come loose or there are other small concerns that could use a little sprucing up. Frequently it is nothing greater than a loose screw or nail that is causing your table to appear weak combined with a basic firm task will certainly be sufficient making it stand like new once again.

It needs to not take long to make these minor repair works and also you will appreciate that you made them when your table is holding more powerful compared to ever before.

Sand and Smooth

As soon as you have made any required renovations as well as you think the table prepares to be repainted and redecorated, do not leap immediately. First you should ensure you have a nice surface area to painting. Feel over the side table and seek any type of locations where there are nicks or splinters that should be sanded down. Take a little sandpaper to sand these locations smooth so you have a best surface to repaint or complete.


Currently it’s time making that side table look the means you want it to. Whether you are utilizing a stain or repaint it is time to place on the very first layer. This is the component of the process where many people end up being restless combined with screw it up. As opposed to simply placing one coat on combined with allowing it dry, lots of people begin to put that 2nd coat on prior to the side table prepares. You have to let the very first layer entirely dry prior to putting a 2nd one on. This does not imply where it’s primarily dry and just a little ugly, however entirely dry! Those who don’t wait the additional time to allow that very first layer to dry end up with irregularities in the coating combined with frequently end up having to get the job done throughout again.


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